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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Educational Leaders Might Use Blogs

Blogs can be an extremely beneficial tool in education.  Educational leaders can use blogs in a variety of different ways.  A simple use of a blog is journaling.  Leaders can keep an electronic copy of their thoughts and ideas.  This gives them the opportunity for meaningful reflection on their thought processes.  A blog allows others to give you feedback in a convenient setting.  It also allows a leader to model professional writing when sharing ideas with colleagues, and is a good way to collect data and connect you to a larger audience.
            Blogging would be a useful tool to update students and parents about events and important dates on campus.  Blogs are easily updated and are accessible anywhere.  This allows for easy communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

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  1. I think blogs are very beneficial as well. I like the idea of journaling. I always think I'm going to remember everything I need to remember and that is not always the case. I also think it would be good to blog and get it all out, take a break, and come back to reflect on what happened. Sometimes we need to cool off or have a little down time, then we see things more clearly. I also LOVE it as a communication tool :)