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Monday, April 1, 2013

EDLD 5326 Action Research Update

The first step in my action research project was to gather PEIMS data on low socio-economic/economically disadvantaged males and females. I met with the PEIMS coordinator and parent liaison and we went through the students who fit these criteria and picked out students who have failed at least one of the state tests. There were plenty of students to choose from. We picked the students who showed the most need. The current program has one hundred males about twenty females that fit into this category. We currently have about seventy-five mentors who come weekly. Some of them mentor and tutor more than one student. I am in the process of going to community meetings to advertise and recruit more mentors. When new mentors join the program, I meet with them and try and match them with a student. We also have a training session for the mentors. We use the data analysis program ANOVA to see which objectives the students did not master. We go over these with their mentors and review strategies to help these students become successful. After each mentoring session, I ask the mentors to reflect on the session in their student’s folder. We use this to track the progress. I am currently looking for grants to apply for to support the program. Our current funding is ending this year and we need a plan to sustain and grow the program to include more female students. This month, I plan on making a survey for students, teachers, mentors, and parents to get feedback on the program. I plan on using an online survey. In the early part of the month I will create the survey. After making sure it is complete, I will send it to all stakeholders. Next month, I plan to analyze the results of the survey.